5 Tips For Running A Successful Meeting

Define you meeting goal and create an agenda.

This may seem obvious but I have been to many meeting where their is no clear direction. If the meeting leader has a no clear direction and agenda before the meeting the people attending will be lost and the meeting will be side tracked.

Do the meeting pre-work.

Are their any actions that need to be done before the meeting. Make sure that the attendees know if any pre-work needs to be done. Without pre-work completed your meeting will not be successful.

Start on Time. End on Time.

Everyone’s time is valuable. Be respectful of that. Show up on time and be prepared. Be mindful of the clock and end when you are scheduled to end.

End the meeting with a review and action plan.

Leave 5-10 minutes at the end of the meeting for a brief review and assign actionable items to team members with deadlines.

Follow-up effectively.

Publish your minutes and action plan within 24 hour meeting so conversations will be in everyone mind. Respect and observe deadlines and follow-up to achieve results.

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